Posted on: November 9, 2010 2:00 pm

Jared finished a marathon

I saw the Subway poster while pulling into a Speedy Stop convenience store.  At first, it ticked me off.  Here's a dumpy-looking 33yo guy whose claim to fame was to eat Subway sandwiches, walked a lot and lost 240-lbs and now he has the gall to attempt a 26.2, something that I've been trying to train for but haven't been able to stay on schedule for over a year.  I was green with envy.  How was he able to do it?

Then I read a little.  Jared's run was for charity, (fighting obesity in youth) and is a very nice, if not naive, guy.  He did train for 10 months and completed two 20-mile runs to prepare.  Even if he had the time and help, he earned it, though at a 5mph pace, he still completed it. 

I have a little different goal for my 26.2, I want to try solo, with a water-pack and enjoy the scenic country-side.  Jared, you just gave me more incentive to strive for it.  Thank you, even though you are the Subway spokesman, based on the last sub I had there, I won't be visiting another Subway any time soon.
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